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Galluping Into the 21st Century

The Gallup Institute has proposed its 12 questions (The Gallup Q12 Index) based on 30 years of experience in continuous behavioural and economic research involving more than 17 million employees around the world. Based on this research, Gallup identified 12 key questions/answer statements that best predict employee and team performance and significantly impact business results. While these iconic 12 statements maintain undeniable validity through the business world, here at Brandbakers we’ve added a few new elements to a classic formula in order help you create a more engaged and inspired group of people.

Fig. 1: Impact of engagement on company results: comparison of firms from the bottom and upper quartiles of engagement; Source: The Relationship between Engagement at Work and Organizational Outcomes 2016 Q12® Meta-Analysis: Ninth Edition

The 12 Gallup questions are commonly revered as the manager’s equivalent of the ten commandments. For a better breakdown of what specific areas are targeted, I’ve divided the set of questions into four primary categories: 

A) Do I have everything I need?

1. Do I know what is expected from my work?

2. Do I have all the materials and equipment to do my job correctly?

B) How am I doing, and am I enjoying what I do?

3. Do I have the opportunity every day to do what I am really good at?

4. Has someone honoured or thanked me during the last seven days for my work?

5. Does my supervisor seem to care about me as a person?

6. Is there someone who encourages my development?

C) Do I belong here?

7. Do my opinions matter at work?

8. Does the mission/purpose of the company make me feel that my job is important? 

9. Are my co-workers committed to giving their best performance?

10. Do I have a real friend in the workplace?

D) What can I learn?

11. Has anyone spoken to me about my development over the past six months?

12. Did I have the opportunity during the last year to learn new things and grow?

Sweet 16: When you want to map out the causes of engagement (or disengagement) in your workplace - use Gallup’s 12 questions. However, to understand the level of inspiration of your employees, add 4 questions:

E) Am I inspired?

13. Do I understand and agree with why our company exists (mission)?

14. Do I know what makes us unique from others (business model)?

15. Are our leaders are a model of corporate values (corporate values)?

16. Do I know where our company is headed and what we want to achieve (vision)?

It’s as simple as that! To elevate your employee commitment, engagement and inspiration you must dive deeper than classic evaluations that stop at the boundary of employee satisfaction. These question sets should allow you a much deeper insight into how your employees are connected to and understand your company. Take the results and move forward to greater engagement.

For more context and background on the difference between satisfaction and engagement, please see my article Employee Satisfaction Is Not Enough.

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