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Why people leave their companies in fact?

Petr Hovorka answer the question "What's the #1 piece of advice you would give a company to build a stronger employer brand in 2017?":

"In 2017 companies who want to build long-term foundations for their unshakeable employer brand should start by strengthening their company culture and focus on current employees.

Target your employer branding strategies at current employees and tackle staff turnover more seriously. Leaders should understand the reasons why people leave by asking better questions. The most common answer for leaving is "I have a better financial offer," but it is hardly the truth.

Companies will ponder about their company culture and focus on the inclusion of employees in the creation of meaningful, uniting, and synchronizing activities to improve the perception employees have about their company."

Find more answers and the whole e-book in our article.

Employer branding may be owned by the HR or Marketing department, but it is the responsibility of the entire organisation.

Marlene de Koning, LinkedIn

Today, the best talent want to "feel at home," and want to work in an environment that inspires them to do their best work in the company of fellow team members who share a common purpose.

Inesa Daugintaité, Employer Brand Makers

Organizations must take a critical look at their global employer brand and access its ability to achieve cultural relevance with audiences at a national level.

Graeme Wright, Havas People

If you have a strong brand infrastructure and wish to boost talent attraction, you must get great at building relationships with candidates.

Lauren Cousins, Cielo

Building the employer brand is all about leadership breathing, living, forming and acting out the brand culture.

Ton Rodenburg, ARA

What would you advice to the future companies?

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