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From 0 to 97 great young talents in 4 months

Company overview

Faurecia is one of the largest automotive companies in the world. In the Czech Republic alone the company has more than 4000 employees in 7 factories, and is growing.

Talent Acquisi‹on will be one of the key strategic tasks for the company in the next years. The company is not very well known in the Czech Republic. Students' awareness of its existence was insu cient. They didn't know what was on o er and weren't familiar with the company culture so they didn't have very clear reasons to take an interest in Faurecia. Acvity of the company in the HR markeng area was low.

Our task was to change this state – building the students' awareness of the company and bringing talent to specific posts and into the trainee program. We kicked o  an HR markeng campaign targeted to students and fresh graduates from 7 universies in Czech Republic.

Important insight

In HR marketing communicaton we always strive for authencity (presentation of the employer as it really is), relevance for the target group (presentation of what the candidates is interested in, and based on what they choose their employer) and uniqueness (different from their competitors, at least in the area of the candidate interests). In order to make such an authentic, relevant and unique HR markeng communication come to life, we needed data, gaining the needed insight. That was helped by an initial research. We've carried out interviews and quesonnaire research amongst employees, conducted interviews with candidates and undertaken desktop research of competors' communication.

Some of the key areas to focus on when developing and communicating the employer brand include:

1. Including employees/ambassadors into communication

Since students trust their peers the most, we decided to work on gaining ambassadors from the ranks of young employees (university graduates) and including them in company communicaons.

In the course of a few days, we managed to acquire five ambassadors that quickly rose in Faurecia and whose career stories were inspiring for students. These employees have become faces of the campaign. The ambassadors offered their stories and faces, shared in spreading content on social networks and personally attended job fairs and other company events for students.

2.  The right content of communicaon

We believe that content is the king of communicaon. Graduates in Faurecia have a great opportunity to quickly rise from zero and build their career on a global scale whilst learning and working on things with a major impact. The company offers all these benefits to employees who appreciate them and are rarely offered by their competors.Therefore, our task was cretiang content that would explain the story to students in an engaging, attractive and trustworthy way (see figure 1).

Figure 1: Graduate communication collateral

















1. Content

The content we used included:

  1. Success stories of six young employees who were graduates from targeted universities, videos of employees expressing their relaonship to working in Faurecia in a humorous way
  2. A brief introduction of what the company strives for, what it does and what it participates in
  3. Projects which graduates can work on
  4. A trainee program where young people can truly learn something
  5. An offer of positions for students and graduates
  6. An internship offer
  7. The main communication channels
  8. Even the best content for students in selected universities would be useless if we didn't find a way to communicate it effectively to the right audience.
  • Career microsite
  • Simple, user friendly, mobile opmised website
  • Enabling candidates to covert immediately (to apply for a position, be informed on o ered posi‰ons by an e-mail, apply for an internship) through a simple conversion form (see figure 2)

2.  Facebook

 Regular posting of content targeted to students (see figure 3)

  • Targeted PPC campaigns
  • Spreading content in debate groups and communities
  • Means for attracting students to the career microsite

​Figure 2: Career microsite

3. Google and Seznam browsers

  • PPC and banners on two main browsers in Czech Republic - Google and Seznam, targeng students of the selected universies.

4.  SEO and measuring

  • Search engine opmisation was crucial for getting the microsite in the browser top ranks
  • Due to the performance tracking we had established (e.g. candidate conversion, number of visits, efficiency of content on the website and social networks e.g. number of likes and shares, number of applicaons) we were constantly informed about individual communication channels and content pieces and how they were performing. We were able to optimise the campaign while it was still running.

What we achieved

The employer branding campaign was conducted over four months. During this time we achieved the following:

  • 45,000 microsite visits
  • 170 applicants for specific position
  • 41 applicants for the trainee positions

Due to the success of the campaign Faurecia has recruited the best candidates for their trainee program and other key positions.They were also able to gain their first ambassadors who played a key part in the success of the campaign, attracting more employees eager to take part.

As a result of the campaign the company introduced a lot of addional acviŸes such as career days at universies, recruiŒng external ambassadors from the ranks of students and widened their offer for students with the possibility of cooperation on their thesis or internships abroad.

Faurecia has been able to achieve radical change in their talent acquisi‹on function in only four months.


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