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BRAND NEW: Candidate Experience Workshop

We are proposing a very hands-on intensive workshop  (a pinch of theory, practical examples and a handful of adequate individual and joint exercises).  Be sure: You will walk from it with concrete tools and a vision on How to Create an Experience for your Candidates from your Recruitment Process.

If you are already proposing an attractive offer (=  true, relevant and unique) for your company as an employer, that's Great.   You need to be able to offer this EVP (Employer Value Proposition) in your everyday practice, starting from the time you meet the candidates up to the moment you offer them a job.  Prove that you are really an attractive employer, starting with the recruitment process.

I believe you've been to a sirloin and a beer in a bar here in Prague?  You may have tried a steak grilled at Čestr Ambiente, fresh pasta in the Pasta Fresca or some great wine & cheese in Bokovka Club - just some restaurants from the business group Ambi.  Like me, you may have experienced great food, well selected wine or excellent beer. What makes a successful restaurant like Ambi is an attractive product (offer) in conjunction with the polished experience. Stylish, cosy and clean environment, good location restaurants, corporate magazines, small bits orders (as you can hang up or pay for your friends or just do a quick lunch), and first and foremost smiling, well-coordinated and helpful staff (behind which stands the work of our partner in workshop Hanky Smítalová). 

Picture: Career page (offer and experience in one)

Hi, we are Ambi!

As Maya Angelou said:

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but you never forget how you made them feel."

Our workshop is built over two sessions.

The first workshop, about Employer Branding, makes you understand and better apprehend what your company is and what you can offer candidates. Then, for the second session, the Candidate Experience workshop, we put you into the shoes of the candidate so that you discover from his side, your company recruitment process.  It will be hard work and commitment but in the end, you'll know how to transform your recruitment process so that it can create that great experience for candidates. 

And why is it important that people (candidates) get this unforgettable positive experience of the recruitment process?

Simply put, the rejected candidates are usually more concerned on what they received. And they go further on the labour market and spread their experience about your company.

According to research company CareerBuilder, on rejected candidates with a positive experience:

  • 56 % would consider a job with the company in the future
  • 37 % say friends and acquaintances, to apply for a job in the company
  • 23 % will be more likely to buy products and services

Our experience also shows that  more candidates are likely to accept the offer of your company instead of competing bids.

What do you take away from the workshop (program)?

1.      We teach you how to describe and empathize with your particular group of candidates,

2.      We help you map out your current recruitment process and touch points with candidates,

3.      We design with you the new recruitment process for candidates as great experience.

Detailed program here .

When, where and for how much?

  • Deadline: not specified yet - write what would you suit you best
  • Length: we start at 9:00 am and finish at 16:30 (detailed program here )
  • Location: bakery BrandBakers, Anny Letenské 34/7, Praha - Vinohrady
  • Price: CZK 56 400 without VAT (up-to 16 people from one company)
  • Price for corporate team: 1. Participant pays 100% 2. 50% of the participant, 3rd participant 10%
  • Information about the organization: , + 420 734 259 340
  • Information about the program: , +420 602 271 011
  • Registration: please use this form

Who will conduct the workshop?

Petr Hovorka

Peter loves sports and trade since childhood. He did sport at high level during eight years and his sell "anything" mindset began as early as elementary school. In business, Peter merges both worlds - the spice of perseverance, discipline, coherence and dreams - altogether. And when, he added to these principles, unbeatable teams, he then triggered his love for the brand as a tool for branding, as a tool that helps people and companies to live consciously their business and be more successful. The bakery is dedicated to creating strategies and business. Peter work activities complement his family and relishing life. Some say he is on top, an incorrigible gourmet.



Moïra Tailleferïra-taillefer 

Moïra is Canadian & French with truly intercultural and international experience as she has lived in three different continents  America, Europe and Africa and worked also with the two others : Asia and Oceania.  Her background is Marketing, both in development and operational roles in a Consumer Goods leading Company but she rapidly translated her skills to HR Marketing & Employer Branding where she built the department.  She then discovered her passion: How to bridge the Company to the Students and Candidates, loving the Seduction-Selection process using all diverse tools such as Gaming, Case Studies, Awards, Social networks....  Before she decided to go Freelance, her last role was in Learning & Development. On top of being a mother of 3, she enjoys art, photography, travelling and cooking thus the meaningful link with Brandbakers!
















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